The Mean Stepmother – Lesbian Massage

Kelly’s dad is married to the sexy Asa who is always telling Kelly that she should come down to the massage parlor she works at and get a massage. One afternoon Kelly decides to take her up on the offer. When she gets to the parlor she realizes there has been a mix up and Asa has been assigned to be her masseuse.

Plug my Butt – Lesbian Massage

Kortney the masseuse has a date tonight and decides to take a quick shower before getting on her way. She undresses preparing for the shower and as she heads to the shower she notices her co-worker Asa is already in the shower. Pressed for time she asks Asa if she can join her in the shower.

The Gorgeous Masseuse – Lesbian Video

While the new girl Kiara is setting up her station the cleaning guy Eric happens to walk by and starts checking out her ass. Asa walks in the room and catches Eric mid glance and starts yelling at him to leave.

Police Brutality – Lesbian Massage

Asa is surprised one day by a visit from a Police woman named Courtney. Without reason Courtney starts frisking, and patting down Asa body. Scared and confused Asa asks what she’s done wrong. Courtney giggles and says since she’s the new girl, the other girls thought she’d like a nice birthday surprise.

The Horny Student – Lesbian Massage

Asa brings her new client, Jennifer, to the massage parlor. Jennifer is a hot student who is stressed out due to midterms. Her professor is a Nuru regular and recommended that Jennifer see Asa for a massage. When Asa asks Jennifer to turn over, she shyly covers her breasts. Asa tells Jennifer to relax as they are both girls and offers a special kind of massage.