Body To Body Massage – Lesbian Massage

When Sophia arrives for her massage appointment she tells her masseuse Ella that she has never had a massage before. Ella wants to make Sophia’s first time a memorable one so she uses plenty of oil on her back and legs. As she rubs Sophia’s legs she runs her hands up her thighs and very close to her pussy.

Two Can Play That Game – Lesbian Massage

Karina arrived for her massage appointment and met her masseuse Erica who told her about the different types of massage they offered. The two women retreated to the massage room, Karina stripped, laid down on the table and let Erica go to work pouring the sexy hot oil on her body and begin rubbing it in.

To The Desert And Back – Lesbian Massage

After a nice long hike in the desert Risi showed up for her massage appointment hoping her masseuse could help work out some of the soreness in her body from the hike. Her hot masseuse Tiffany gives her a towel and asks her to undress then she goes to work rubbing Risi down.