Hot Pussy Tribbing – Lesbian Massage

Tiffany has worked at a spa for a long time, but has never gotten a massage for herself. One day she decided to give it a try. She went to a different massage parlor and met her masseuse Randi. Randi knows that she has to do a good job of Tiffany.

A Comparison Of Big Tits – Lesbian Massage

Rachel had been in a bad mood recently so she decided to get a massage to try to relax her. When she arrived she met her masseuse Charley who took her to the room and had her strip naked. Charley is a hot girl who was impressed by Rachel’s pierced nipples.

My First Valentine Gift – Lesbian Massage

Avril’s boyfriend gave her a professional massage as a gift. When she arrives to get the massage she meets her masseuse Charity and tells her that she has never had a massage before. Charity assures her she will have a good time and takes her to the room.

A Visitor From Australia – Lesbian Massage

After the 13 hour flight from Australia Mishaka is tired, stressed and sore. She is in USA for a vacation and decides that she wants to start it off right so she goes to get a massage to relax away the stress of the travel. Her masseuse Chase is very skilled with her hands and rubs Mishaka’s lower body with warm oil.

The Mean Stepmother – Lesbian Massage

Kelly’s dad is married to the sexy Asa who is always telling Kelly that she should come down to the massage parlor she works at and get a massage. One afternoon Kelly decides to take her up on the offer. When she gets to the parlor she realizes there has been a mix up and Asa has been assigned to be her masseuse.