One Dirty Bitch – Lesbian Massage

When the hot masseuse, Madison, first meets her client, Victoria, she can tell Victoria is disturbed. Madison tries to relax her during the massage, but Victoria remains jumpy and complains a lot. When Madison massages near her butt, Victoria panics and tells her to never touch that area again.

The Stewardess – Lesbian Massage

Jessie works for a private airline as a Stewardess. After a long flight she came by the massage parlor for some relaxation. Jessie takes a shower before the massage, to freshen up, then returns to Raveness’s room to start. Raveness starts massaging her inner thighs and pours oil on her ass and pussy.

That Is Phenomenal! – Lesbian Massage

Erin’s entire body ached after standing all night at a concert she had been to so she went to see a masseuse to get some of the soreness worked out. Her sexy masseuse Aiden stripped her naked and laid her on the massage table then started slowly working her body with her skilled hands.

My Spanish Teacher – Lesbian Massage

Heather stopped by the massage parlor to visit her old Spanish teacher Bridgette who was now working as a masseuse. They haven’t seen each other in a long time so Bridgette offers to give Heather a massage while they catch up. As Bridgett rubs Heather down they practice some of the Spanish Heather should have learned in class.

Apply for a Position – Lesbian Massage

Taylor arrives for her job interview at the massage parlor and meets Mia who looks over her resume and does the interview. Mia tells Taylor that they want her to ‘audition’ so that they company can see if this is the kind of job Taylor can get into.