The Tourist Guide – Lesbian Massage

Rebeca is visiting the USA from Spain. While looking for relief from her back pain she came across the massage parlor. Upon entering she meets Briana, and is lead to the rear showers, and asked to remove her clothes. Rebeca finds this quite suspect and is even more suspect when she notices Briana is disrobing as well.

A Nice Surprise – Lesbian Massage

Mia stops by the massage parlor for her very first massage and meets Codi. Codi brings Mia to the back and asks her to take off her clothes. Mia is a bit timid at first as she wasn’t aware she had to get naked. Codi tells Mia she is new to massaging women but they’ll have lots of fun together.

All Inclusive – Lesbian Massage

When the gorgeous masseuse, Nikki, welcomes her newest client, Ella, to the massage parlor, she asks Ella about the reason for her visit. Ella explains that her father has opened a new resort and her mission is to find the kind of extra special massage therapists who may bring new customers to their resort.

The Surprise Visit – Lesbian Massage

When Rachel cannot get a hold of Brianna, she rushes over the massage place to check on her friend. She stops worrying and starts getting turned on when she finds Brianna in the tub, playing with herself.

Just Like Old Times – Lesbian Massage

Possibly the hottest masseuse in town is named Rayveness. She gets a visit from an old friend, another hottie named Hayden. Though Hayden has a new boyfriend, Rayveness offers her a full body massage. During the massage, Rayveness confesses that she loves every part of Hayden’s body and gets very close to her.