An Early Appointment – Lesbian Massage

Sexy brunette Samantha has a massage scheduled for 4:00 but she shows up a little early. The room is empty when she walks in because her masseuse Stephanie is in the shower. She’s cleaning the oil off her body from the last body massage session and she’s s worked up that she ends up masturbating.

That Is Phenomenal! – Lesbian Massage

Erin’s entire body ached after standing all night at a concert she had been to so she went to see a masseuse to get some of the soreness worked out. Her sexy masseuse Aiden stripped her naked and laid her on the massage table then started slowly working her body with her skilled hands.

Job Interview Tips – Lesbian Massage

Erin was out way too late the night before partying and she really needs to get herself together for a big job interview she has later in the afternoon so she decides to get a massage to help relax her and work out her stress aches. Her masseuse Jennifer promises to take very good care of her.

Me – Sakj – Lesbian Massage

Layla Sin is visiting the United States from Israel and has decided she wants to experience an American massage. Summer Brielle with her amazing body and long blonde hair is about as All-American as you can get and she has some special moves reserved for the beautiful Layla.

Getting More Comfortable – Lesbian Massage

Dani was stressed out and decided to try this massage parlor after her boyfriend recommended it. When she gets there she thinks her masseuse Sasha looks familiar, but she can’t place her. Dani gets naked and lays down on the bed so that Sasha can go to work on her.