The Landlord – Lesbian Massage

Nikki is the landlord of a massage parlor. One evening she arrived just as Asa was closing up and told her that the rent was very late. Asa asked if she could have an extra week to pay the rent and Nikki was having none of it. She wanted money now!

Double Action – Lesbian Massage

Ashley has been stressing out because of her classes at school. Her best friend Nikki suggested she get a massage so Nikki arrives and meets her masseuse India. Ashley tells India about her sore back and shoulders and India assures her that she has just the trick to relax her and help take away those pains.

The Mean Stepmother – Lesbian Massage

Kelly’s dad is married to the sexy Asa who is always telling Kelly that she should come down to the massage parlor she works at and get a massage. One afternoon Kelly decides to take her up on the offer. When she gets to the parlor she realizes there has been a mix up and Asa has been assigned to be her masseuse.

Unusual Job Interview – Lesbian Massage

Sara is a masseuse who’s very proud of her work, she constantly invites her friend Zoey over to see where she works and what she does. Finally one day Zoey agrees to stop by and check things out. Sara tells her she’ll really enjoy working here since the money is great and the women are hot.

Police Brutality – Lesbian Massage

Asa is surprised one day by a visit from a Police woman named Courtney. Without reason Courtney starts frisking, and patting down Asa body. Scared and confused Asa asks what she’s done wrong. Courtney giggles and says since she’s the new girl, the other girls thought she’d like a nice birthday surprise.