The Last Appointment – Lesbian Massage

Brooklyn Chase was extremely apologetic when she showed up for her massage appointment late. She had The Last Appointment so Vanessa Cage was exhausted and ready to call it a day. The long-haired blonde came back with a better temper after her client was undressed and on the table.

Daughter Recommended – Lesbian Massage

Raylene is behind on her bills, her ex-husband left her for a girl her daughter’s age, and to top it all off, when she reaches to put away a glass, she pulls a muscle in her back! Her daughter Keira has an idea though. Why doesn’t Raylene go for a massage at her Keira’s friend’s spa, to get her back worked on?

Just Good Friends – Lesbian Massage

The big-breasted hottie, Mia, needs to relax. After a long day satisfying horny guys at the Nuru Massage Parlor, she fantasizes about a long relaxing shower. She gets in there and starts playing with herself to wind down. Just as she starts getting into it, her beautiful co-worker, Jackie, gets naked and enters the shower with her.

Thanks, But No Thanks – Lesbian Massage

When Mariah’s boyfriend presents her with a gift certificate for a massage, he ensures her that she will have a female masseuse so that no guys will hassle her. When Mariah arrives and meets the sensuous Briana, she is immediately turned on by her boyfriend’s choice. She gets even hornier as they start in the shower and Briana’s touch makes her wet.

Speechless – Lesbian Massage

Amia came in today for a massage, but no one was around, except for Catie. Catie is eager to help the beautiful Amia. Catie is an expert masseuse and part of her technique relies heavily on the silence in the room while her client is relaxing. Catie gives Amia the deep tissue massage she loves to give her clients using her strong yet gentle touch to coax all Amia’s tension free from her body.