Future Mother In Law – Lesbian Massage

When Lizzy arrives at the massage parlor with her gift certificate in hand she is a little surprised to see that her future mother-in-law Alia will be her masseuse. Lizzy doesn’t really mind having Alia massage her because it will give her a chance to get to know her better, but she decides to keep her bra and panties on during the massage.

An Educated Customer – Lesbian Massage

Marie is a regular customer at the massage parlor for two reasons. They always help release the pain in her back and she loves the extra attention the hot girls there give her. She is very happy today to see that she that her appointment is with the sexy new masseuse Kimber.

The Horny Student – Lesbian Massage

Asa brings her new client, Jennifer, to the massage parlor. Jennifer is a hot student who is stressed out due to midterms. Her professor is a Nuru regular and recommended that Jennifer see Asa for a massage. When Asa asks Jennifer to turn over, she shyly covers her breasts. Asa tells Jennifer to relax as they are both girls and offers a special kind of massage.

Nasty Divorce – Lesbian Massage

Loni comes into the massage parlor suffering from upper back pain due to stress. When the lovely masseuse Briana inquires as to the cause of the pain Loni shares that she was going through a messy divorce and the upheaval in her life has left her stressed out.

All In…My Ass – Lesbian Massage

Charlie and Asa are playing poker. Suddenly, both get good cards. Betting is heated with a massage and butt plug added to the pot. Charlie wins! She gets the massage, pussy slurping, sensual caresses (it is a massage, after all), and erotic kisses. Hot.