Cochella Ad – Lesbian Massage

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All Girl Massage

Chloe Amour gives in to temptation. Alex Chance seduces her

Alex Chance hung a bunch of flyers to build her clientele for her all female massage service. Chloe Amour saw the ad and came in for a little relaxation. She was a bit hesitant when Alex undressed and lead her to the shower but she quickly relaxed under the soothing water. Seeing Alex’s big natural tits and white skin as it plays off of Chloe’s darker caramel complexion is a real treat. Chloe has an amazing body and you are sure to enjoy watching Alex work her muscles with the slippery oil. Lucky for Chloe, Alex just got certified in how to give a breast massage and she tries this new technique out with great success. Alex must be a DD and you can see her nipples hardening as she rubs them all over Chloe. Chloe seems hesitant with the sexual nature that this massage is heading in as Alex flips her over and begins playing with her nipples. The eroticism proves too much for Chloe to resist as she gives in to how much she is getting turned on. Alex knows just how to lick Chloe’s dark pussy to get her to cum all over the massage table.

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