Roller Girls – Hot Teen Lesbian Licking

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Enjoying iced cream together after a nice day under the sun!

It’s a windy summer day at the park and it’s also Tess’ first time rollerskating. All the fun of learning to skate is a bit exhausting and the girls are a bit hot. They splash each other in the fountain and head back to Tess’ place for a treat of ice cream. The hot teens share a bowl but Leila stole Tess’s favorite bite! She leans in to get a taste from Leila’s innocent mouth. The taste turns to kissing and the kissing is not contained to her tender mouth but moves all over Leila’s body. The ladies are so horny you can hear their breath shudder.
Tess removes Leila’s pants exposing her floral underwear and with one quick slide of her hands down Leila’s soft pale behind the panties are off. Tess removes her own pants and presents her rear to Leila so he can take off her panties. The two continue to kiss voraciously as they get hornier and hornier. Tess finds her way south to Leila’s sweet shaved pussy and continues to lick her clit and labia while rubbing her own breasts and Leila’s white thighs. Leila is getting more into the sensation as she lifts her leg in her right hand to hold it straight while continues to moan deep sighs of pleasure. Tess begins using her hands to rub Leila’s juicy parts and licks them deeper each time. With a kiss, Tess’s fingers slide deep inside Leila and they penetrate her more quickly with each thrust. Leila’s sighs turn to moans and cries, her body begins to shake with the sensations and she finally achieves an incredible orgasm while crying aloud at the top of her lungs.
Tess beckons for Leila to come closer and she takes the bait. The girls kiss passionately giving Leila the chance to thank Tess for the awesome gift. Leila intends to repay the favor by similar means. She touches Tess’s tummy gently making her way down her torso to her shaved pussy. With that, Leila’s fingers are deep inside Tess and stimulating her favorite spots. Leila goes further and begins to lick and kiss her pussy and suck her clit. The pleasure is almost too much for Tess. You can tell by her intense moans of ecstasy. She has a soft sweet voice that encourages Leila to shove her fingers and tongue deeper inside her. Watch as Tess’s tender breasts move from side to side with every thrust of Leila’s strong penetrating fingers. Tess is having such an amazing time that her passionate moans become intense cries of pleasure while her orgasm begins and she is in heaven for a few glorious moments of bliss. Tess can’t believe how good her orgasm was so she rewards Leila with another kiss an embrace and a spoonful of the ice cream that has been melting this whole time.

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