Her Wandering Hands – Lesbian Massage

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All Girl Massage

Aaliyah Love massages her father’s new wife in her own way!

Aaliyah Love’s dad recently married a new woman, Cheri Deville. As old as she is her dad is still the old protective stiff he’s always been. He hopes that her new step-mom will be welcomed graciously by his daughter, and that they can get along like friends, but Aaliyah has other plans. Aaliyah’s plan starts with a massage, but it goes much further. Soon, she has Cheri slipping out of her cute dress, and before long she has a firm grip on Cheri’s round ass. Aaliyah purposefully gets an oil stain on her shirt so she can take it off, in order to slide her naked body against her new mommy’s oily back. Cheri clearly enjoys the rubbing Aaliyah gives her pussy, but makes sure to point out that it’s inappropriate to get fresh! Of course that’s exactly what Aaliyah does! Aaliyah uses her fingers and tongue to force an orgasm from deep within Cheri, just in time for her dad to walk in and catch them naked!

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