Working The Earth – Teen Lesbian Heat

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After gardening, Veronika gets some sexy refreshments by Ava

Veronica has been working hard in the garden all day tilling the earth to add new plants to the jungle she’s already created. Ava Sparxxx is inside. Ava notices that Veronika is busy outside in the heat of the sun and pours Veronika a tall glass of ice water and delivers it to the hot brunette in the garden. Veronika thanks Ava for the water with a kiss before showing her how to wet the earth to get it ready for the new plants. Ava thinks of wetting other places but, on Veronika’s body!
The two cute girls kiss passionately. They bring a blanket to the open space and open it and continue their hot embrace. Veronika cannot resist Ava’s small natural tits. Ava’s ethereal red hair blows wildly in the wind as she helps Veronika remove her white jean shorts and panties and invites her to kiss her before touching her soft body and kissing her soft tits. Ava re-positions herself to allow access to her shaved pussy from behind. Veronika lunges forward licking Ava with her soft tongue and sucking her clit. Ava is enjoying every moment of Veronika’s furious tongue. Turning back to face one another the two make out and continue to undress. Veronika’s shorts are off now and Ava doesn’t hesitate to dive down on her. Her shaved pussy is pleased to have another set of lips sucking it’s clit. Ava licks Veronika’s pussy deeply making Veronika’s experience better with every moment and Ava adds her fingers to the equasion and rubs Veronika’s soft breasts.
Veronika positions herself beneath Ava and the two are entwined in sixty-nine and they continue to lick one another’s pussy. The moans and cries of pleasure released by the girls indicate that they are both getting hornier with every lick. Ava continues to eat out Veronika until she cums, yelling out loud at the top of her lungs. Veronika has Ava sit on her face to finish her off. Veronika pulls out all the stops while licking Ava’s sweet wet pussy. Ava is catapulted into bliss and she begins to cum as she lets free cries of pleasure. The two hot girls fall together kissing passionately in the sensual post-coital bliss.

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